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Australian Agricultural  Resources Group Pty Ltd
Australian Company Number: 109 146 205 Australian Business Number: 44 109 146 205 
  About Us

The Company

Australian Agricultural Resources Group is a privately owned Proprietary Limited Company incorporated in the State of New South Wales - Australia (In accordance with the Australian Corporations Act 2001). AARG was principally formed as an agricultural business in 1999 after having identified a need within the industry for a new approach to management strategies and marketing platforms. Through a comprehensive process of diversification the Company has expanded its operation into a wide variety of activities highlighting to consumers the range of products and services we provide.

Mission Statement

The operating environment for rural industries globally is increasingly complex involving economic, environmental, and social challenges. The role of any agribusiness in addressing these challenges will be critical to successful outcomes. Australian Agricultural Resources Group’s long-term plan establishes a strategic direction to enable the company to maximize its contribution to our clients.

Our mission is to:

  • Deliver a range of quality products and services developed specifically for rural and associated industries globally;

  • Secure and expand the company‘s position by the registration of Copyright, Intellectual Property and Trademark thus protecting all aspects of the company‘s current business activities including, but not limited to, business practices, concepts, documentation and procedures;
  • Provide producers with an alternative marketing platform for their goods and services


Michael Teh

  • Project Management  - Australian Wheat Board - Liaison work, facilitating client contact to develop export markets for wheat in countries such as Sri Lanka, Thailand, Vietnam and Pakistan.

  • Sime Darby Ltd [a subsidiary of Hutchison Holdings] -liaison work to facilitate the import of Palm Oil from Malaysia to Europe and China.

Peter Conway   

He was a senior advisor in the Hawke/Keating Governments in the area of environment, heritage and sport.

Peter's statutory board appointments have included:

  • Member - Australian Tourism Association

  • Member - Bruce Stadium Trust

  • Chair - Race Course Development Fund (ACT)

  • Member and Chair - Local Area Planning Advisory Council

  • Foundation Secretary of the Carbine Club of the ACT

  • Member - ACT Advisory Committee to the ACT Government on the Bush Fire Recovery

  • Current Member - ACT Liquor Licensing Board

  • Current Member - of the Selection Committee for the ACT Government's Honours Awards.

Peter Quinlivan

With a Social Science background, Peter’s early career commenced in the Finance and Human Resources field followed by a decade in various executive roles for three of Australia’s largest retail companies.

Since moving into property during the market collapse in 1990, Peter has been involved in management, asset enhancement, acquisitions, disposals, marketing and development of a diverse property portfolio; and the repositioning of major urban developments throughout Australia, together with numerous consultancy projects throughout Asia. In the last five years Peter has focussed on his own management consultancy business and has an enviable client base including all tiers of government and many leading public institutions.

Peter has authored a number of books and articles on aspects of business enhancement with a particular focus on the notion of “Value Optimisation”. He is a regular presenter at Management and Property related conferences both in Australia and overseas and is acknowledged as having been at the forefront of both “benchmarking and outsourcing” within the industry areas in which he is involved. In 1999 Peter was the headline speaker at the Asia Pacific banker’s conference in Singapore and commenced his exposure to the financial institutions by challenging them to embrace new forms of technology and to look at new ways of engaging an increasingly diverse banking consumer. In the mid 1990’s Peter was appointed to the Advisory Board of YAPA which was funded by the Premiers Department to research and write the book “No Standing” to guide local government in better planning to balance the commercial, spiritual and social needs of differing market segments.

Different skills are required to meet the demands of ever changing industries such as export, finance, promotions, property management and technology solutions, to keep abreast of these changes requires a different approach to strategy and planning necessitating the need to incorporate the following companies to actively promote and expand upon the range of services we offer and to provide cash flows which are essential for any business to maintain a constant balance and limit borrowing. Through a process of diversification we have identified a number of ways to maintain stability within the group and provide funding on a variable basis.

AARG Commodities Pty Ltd Servicing the global commodity market, providing consumers and producers with an alternative marketing platform for purchasing and sales.

Specialising in:

  • Long term supply contracts

  • Distribution & shipping

  • Alternative finance packages

AARG Equipment Pty Ltd Serving the group's corporate leasing, equipment financing, and acquisition requirements. Providing innovative logistical solutions to all sectors of the group our affiliates and clients.

AARG Global Trade Services Pty Ltd From market research through to the final sale of a product AARG Global Trade Services Pty Ltd can formulate market strategies specifically designed for your business.

  • manages all or any of the aspects of international trade depending on the unique requirements of your business.

  • exposes your business to the global market.

  • increases your profits by expanding sales without additional costs.

  • increases efficiency and productivity levels of your business.

  • makes the success of your business its highest priority.

AARG Global Trade Services Pty Ltd brings together a global community of manufacturers, suppliers, buyers, sellers, exporters and importers with a diverse range of trade interests, all of whom are eager to form credible partnerships and develop new markets while maintaining ethical business standards.

Critical Systems Pty Ltd securing the group's Copyright ©, Intellectual Property Rights and Trademarks ™ Critical Systems Pty Ltd play an important role in the group's efforts to brand and promote its activities.

Emirates Trading Australia Pty Ltd (ETA) Joint Venture Company providing commodity markets throughout the Middle East and specifically Gulf Co-operative Countries with the opportunity to broker and negotiate on their behalf long term supply contracts for a wide range of commodities..

Exhaust Technologies Australia Pty Ltd Owner of advanced technology for the production of diesel catalytic converters for the motor industry, the company will be going into production shortly with the announcement of its new Joint Venture Partners.

The economies of scale of a viable business are often directly related to the return on capital achieved, with this in mind the company’s core activities have been diversified to provide essential protection against downturns in the various industry sectors and include but are not limited to:
  • Agriculture

  • Commodity Trading

  • Banking

  • Technology

  • Manufacturing

  •   Transport

AUSTRALIA GPO Box: 1607 Sydney NSW Australia 2000 Telephone: +61 424 497 636
UNITED ARAB EMIRATES PO Box 121828 Dubai United Arab Emirates 43659 Telephone: +97150 347 2407
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