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The principal objective of the project is to develop an economically sustainable horse industry throughout the Middle East which is recognized for both its contribution to the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of the various countries involved and to act as an employment generator contributing to the socio-economic development of the region.


  • For the horse industry to develop throughout the region and act as a generator for employment and economically sustainable development.

  • For the horse industry to be nationally and internationally recognised for its excellence as a reputable user and supplier of quality horses, products and services; and

  • For the industry to expand in the global market by having the requisite skills and knowledge for efficient, profitable and sustainable production.

Project Priorities

  • Sustainable natural resource management.

  • Improving competitiveness through a whole-of-industry approach.

  • Improving confidence in the integrity of the horse industry and the range of products and services it provides.

  • Establishing trade and market access.

  • Making use of new technologies and developing education and training programs to international standards.

  • Creating a culture of innovation, largely by investing in the region's most important asset — its people.

Although the Middle Eastern horse industry in general is seen as being fragmented with a low level of industry cohesion and weak national governance, its potential to contribute to the social and economic growth of the region can easily be demonstrated. The “product” the horse, has shaped the Middle East both in its history and social fabric and today the horse, once more could potentially be a major contributor to the regions economy.

The Project identifies four priority areas of interest:

  • Education & Training

  • Establishing the national economic benefit of the various countries involved to assist in the development of national and international marketing strategies.

  • Co-ordinate racing and events management to maximize exposure of the horse industry as a whole and promote the advantages throughout the region.

  • Create an environment where changes to legislation and law can be progressively adapted to permit the horse industry to develop and grow.

The horse industry faces challenges in a number of countries with regard to the treatment of horses, the safety of riders and the impact on the environment. The use of therapeutic and prohibited substances in the performance horse sectors is a major issue. Furthermore transport practices, equipment, and the management and feeding of horses at pasture and in the stable as well as in work and training all impact on the welfare of the horse. Injuries and deaths of competitive and recreational riders as well as injuries to workers continue to be of concern to the industry.


  • Maintain a watching brief on trends in the welfare and safety requirements to assess the potential impact on the industry of any changes in trends. Raise the awareness of industry organisations about emerging risks in these areas and encourage them to develop management strategies.

  • Provide the R&D support where appropriate for initiatives that develop and implement effective risk management strategies for improving animal and/or human safety.

  • Build knowledge on both therapeutic and prohibited substances to assist in control and ensure compliance with horse regulatory bodies.

  • Build knowledge on the impact of horses on fragile and/or sensitive environments

Targets and indicators

  • Assist equine industry organisations to provide information to support the development or implementation of strategies to improve horse or human safety in their industry segment.

  • Contribute to the development of international cooperative research on detection of therapeutic and prohibited substances.

  • Support drug administration trials to produce a knowledge base for use by both regulators and industry participants.

  • Ensure industry engagement in the development of management strategies introduced by government agencies, for reducing the environmental impact of horses is backed by sound and accepted research on impact.

International Commodity Trading & Long Term Agreements

AARG is a leading Australian owned grain and hay commodity trader offering alternative marketing platforms for both consumers and producers in both the domestic and international markets. The company offers growers and users an innovative alternative when selling or buying grain and hay, including long term contracts and finance in an ever challenging market.

Kurdish Horse Program DNA  Testing & International Registration

We'd like to take this opportunity to introduce you to the Kurdish Horse and the program of DNA Testing and international registration that has been conducted to date and will continue in Iran. The Kurdish Horse has known history stretching back almost five thousand years to another time. Its ancestors contributed to the creation of one of the largest empires in ancient history. The breed itself is one of the oldest pure breeds of horse still in existence today. Providing owner's and riders with a unique combination of strength and endurance and giving  them the opportunity to experience and enjoy a truly magnificent animal, adaptable to a wide range of disciplines and conditions.

The Board of Directors of the International Kurdish Horse Company of Iran would like to acknowledge the efforts of:

  • Dr A.E Maghsodi Fard General Manager Veterinary Generals Office of Kermanshah

  • Dr Varedi Deputy President Equestrian Federation of Iran

  • M/s Ann E.O. Trezise, Ph.D Director Australian Equine Genetic Research Centre

  • Mr. Michael Ford Australian Stud Book

  • Mr. Samaedi Deputy Director of the Technical Department Equestrian Federation of Iran

  • Mr. Tabesh President of the Equestrian Federation of Iran

  • Mr. Terrence Johnston Director Australian Agricultural Resources Group Pty Ltd

without whose continued support this program would not have been possible.

The program of DNA Testing and Micro-Chipping of Kurdish Horses in the Kermanshah Province in Iran has been conducted as a Joint Venture between:

  • Australian Agricultural Resources Group Pty Ltd
  • Australian Equine Genetic Research Centre
  • Australian Stud Book
  • Equestrian Federation of Iran
  • Government of the Province of Kermanshah Iran

Results of the program are available now www.kurdishhorse.org. The Kurdish Horse Register will be jointly owned and maintained by the International Kurdish Horse Company and the Equestrian Federation of Iran or its internationally registered and licensed affiliates. The ultimate objective of the program is primarily to maintain the breed but also establish a viable sustainable horse industry, both domestically and internationally.

Our team is committed to helping our members achieve their goals by providing accurate, independent, objective service and support that is facilitated by a well trained and knowledgeable team which understands the operating environment for the horse industry today, is increasingly complex involving economic, environmental and social challenges. Meeting these challenges is critical to successful outcomes the company’s long-term plan establishes a strategic direction to enable the company to maximize its contribution to the horse industry on a global scale.

All Codes of Practice for the Welfare of Horses, Forms and Rules & Regulations displayed and available on this website have been be compiled and prepared in accordance with Legislation of the Islamic Republic of Iran and International Standards, International Standards Accreditation (I.S.O) is pending and will be displayed on this website when available.

For further information please go to www.kurdishhorse.net

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